Under Sink Plumbing Issues

Simple plumbing leaks under sink or vanity cabinets will usually not be an item which is covered by insurance. A “burst” pipe will usually be a covered loss, but simple leaks are most likely to be maintenance issues which are rarely covered by an insurance policy. These leaks can cause alot of damage to the cabinets. Unless made of real wood, the cabinets will warp and with the continuous leak of water will develop mold. Please avoid the plumber’s referral to the “restoration company”, as that will get ugly for you financially. Call Saviour’s Restoration and we will help you through the process of returning your property to a pre loss condition.

Solution: Once the cabinet area is dry, we recommend installing FRP material below any area which has the potential for a water leak. Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) is waterproof and will prevent any future water damage/mold to your cabinets. This material is easily obtainable, and relatively easy to install. If you are a landlord and have tenants in your property, this is especially critical to prevent a large cabinet replacement bill when your tenants move. An ounce of prevention will save you a windfall of money.